We are Presto and Mel, a husband and wife tandem, exploring the world – okay just the Philippines for now. We’re both home-base online workers from Davao city. We spend must of our time within the four corners of our home office. We seldom go out and we don’t really like to party. We are definitely home buddies. However, we love pets and we love the company of anything that can be taken cared of – okay, just fish and dogs AND we love to travel!

Amid all the craziness and the hectic life of an online worker, we found peace and comfort when tucked deep in our reef tank obsession, cuddling our dogs or travelling.

Presto and Melissa
Having a marine aquarium, our first hobby, was unexpected event – one day, it just happen – we suddenly both agree (usually we seldom don’t) to reward ourselves a small aquarium after seeing one majestically set up online. One fish turned into two, and two into three. We are now the proud owners of a 70-gallon reef tank(Sadly, we lose these guys). We started building the reef tank and at the same time documenting our experience daily.

How can we forget our next big love – our dogs (Moz and Chewchai). We can’t say more about how much we enjoy having their company. They are the cutest and the most loyal companion we have.

moz and chewchai
Travelling is not frequent for us. However, we reward ourselves by visiting places as much as we can. If we are on a trip, we make sure that we document it by writing about it and taking pictures & videos. I hope you enjoy reading our journey and I hope you have one of your own as well. Happy and Safe Travel To You!