Are you into spending your vacation on a desert, mountain, jungle or on the ocean? Are you planning your September holiday somewhere? Or wanting to get away from work in July?

Whether your vacation takes you on the road or up in the sky, there is absolutely no better way to start it off with comprehensive planning then a blast of great tunes through your Ipod. In no particular order, here are some information to help you kick off your next vacation.

Where to travel in January? Best places to travel in January

As January comes near it appears as if half of the Northern part of the planet  is looking to get into a spot where they could find no snow and all sunny. The good thing is that there are lot of wonderful options in the Southern part , so it’s just simply a matter of picking out what suits you best.

Costa Rica
The Caribbean
South Africa
Dominican Republic

If you are mainly into water activities like scuba diving or just simply swimming you should start with the Philippines as they have so many choices of beaches to offer you, don’t forget BORACAY. Also, you can check out Puerto Princesa Underground River – one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, this underground river is known for its a magnificent limestone or karst landscape that flows directly to the West Philippine Sea.

Best Places To Travel In February – Where to travel in February?

February may be the shortest month in the calendar, but if you are situated in the Northern part of the world, in the tightening grip of the cold weather, it can be very exhausting and boring. However, if you love winter then you are one of of the lucky ones as we know where to head.

But wait… if you like the sun, we have some for you as well.

Change from the common box of chocolates or long red roses and get a romantic escape to sweep your Valentine off his or her feet. Take a vacation to romantic cities or try relaxing on the beach with your love ones, here are our tips on how to get the sweetest Valentine’s Day adventures.

New York There is nothing more romantic than Valentine’s Day in New York. Not most of the best New York dining establishments for dates are expensive and hard to book. There are many affordable date spots for Valentine’s day, your anniversary, birthday or just a special Saturday date.

Québec City More Snow? Québec City celebrate their annual Winter Carnival in February. You can celebrate with the Canadians for two weeks of ice sculpting, snow-mobile race, snow slide, night parades and snow bath from 31 January to 16 February.

Vigan Back to being romantic…visit some Ilocos Sur tourist spots, more particularly “Calle Crisologo.” Do you want to stay in old-styled houses? or walk on 18th century cobblestones? Visit Vigan Heritage Village and ride a calesa ( rented at Php 100 or $2.5 per hour)

Africa Now, it’s your opportunity for a trek in the Moroccan desert, a journey across the Maghreb or visit countries such as Egypt before the heat and the prices rise up. South Africa is at warm temperatures with minimal rainfall. Jordan, Mauritania and Syria are sunny and cooler at night in February.

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