Looking for Do-It-Yourself Puerto Princesa tour? Check out how we manage to tour Puerto Princesa by foot. Here are the places we visited and their details.

Our hotel also offered a city tour but we opted for a DIY tour by foot (sometimes hailed a tricycle). They offered a half day city tour but we like to experience a different adventure and we do like to save money as well.   We walk the streets of Puerto Princesa like a local.

We went to NCCC first to buy a bottled water since we know how hot it can go travelling on foot. We were also a little curious on how NCCC Palawan looks like as we have one in Davao City.

We were surprise that they have a count-down stop lights. Just like in Davao, they also have anti-smoking law.


Do-It-Yourself Puerto Princesa Tour


palawan museum

Palawan Museum

1. Palawan Museum

The Palawan Museum was created in 1991 with a mission of becoming a center and repository of  artifacts and relics  in Palawan. The museum is a genuine source of rich natural and historical legacy of Palawan  with a growing collection and reference on Palawan’s  heritage. Here houses some extensive archaeological explorations and excavations such as Tabon Cave Man Skull, blowgun (supukan),  dart holders,  baskets (bayong),  darts (baslay) with several types of points Tagbanua ritual paraphernalia.

Palawan Tabon Man

2. Plaza Cuartel

You can find a bronze marker containing the name of eleven prisoners of war who were able to survive  the terrible massacre of American soldiers. The marker is positioned above the underground bunkers which was used as the cage for the ill-fated  American  prisoners. This heartbreaking incident took place when the World War II was about to end.  History tells as that when the Japanese soldiers discovered that they were losing the war, they gathered all the prisoners in the dungeon, poured drums of petroleum all over them and lit them up alive. The said survivors who escaped the gruesome event narrated the story.

Palawan Plaza Cuartel

Plaza Cuartel Bronze Marker

Quoted from Palawan Board

The words engraved on the bronze marker are:

“Sa pook na ito na dating tanggulang militar noong Ikalawang Digmaang Pandaigdig naganap ang pagsunog ng mga sundalong hapon sa humigit kumulang 150 Amerikanong bihag ng digma noong 14 Disyembre 1944. Ilang nakaligtas ay lumangoy sa dagat patungong Iwahig. Ang mga labi ng nasawi ay dinala at inilibing sa St. Louis County sa isang panlahatang libingan sa Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, Missouri, United States, 1952.”

The English translation of these words is:

“In this place which was a military fort of World War II, the burning of more or less 150 American POW was done by Japanese soldiers on December 14, 1944. Some managed to survive by swimming their way out from the sea to Iwahig. The remains of those who died were brought and buried inJefferson Barracks National Cemetery, Missouri, United States, 1952.”

3. Baywalk– If you like biking and the oceanview, try visiting the baywalk


4. Palawan Provincial Capitol– Who would miss seeing the main Landmark of the city-not us!

Palawan Provincial Capitol

Presto at the front of The Provincial Capitol

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