It was off peak season when we visited Boracay. However, the island was still packed with tourist from every part of the world. Boracay  is one of the famous beaches, not just in the Philippines, but the whole DARN world. I have seen a lot of white sand beaches from different parts of the Philippines but Boracay is different.  The long stretch (8 km long, and 1 km wide ) of powdery white sand and the turquoise water make this island stand out from others.


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My Boracay Guide


How To Get To Boracay? Boracay is an island separated from the Mainland Malay where Caticlan is. Tourists entry point to Boracay Island is Caticlan.  There are different ways to get to Caticlan and eventually to Boracay.  Here are all your options:
By Air
Direct flight from Davao to Iloilo (1 hour and 10 minutes) then bus ride from Iloilo to Caticlan

We decided to take this route to Boracay because there are no direct flight from Davao to Caticlan (or to any part of the Panay Island for that matter). The only airline that offers Davao to Iloilo flight in promo seats is Cebu Pacific. Iloilo is 6-7 hours away from Caticlan via Ceres bus but it can be shorten if you take a van. This route has been overlooked by many, Davao-Iloilo-Boracay route can be hitting three birds (not just 2) with one stone.

You can find the bus/van that will take you to Caticlan in Tagbak Terminal. Travel from airport to Tagbak Terminal can cost you 500 php if you hire a taxi. But, you can take the airport shuttle to SM City Iloilo (50 PhP) then Take a Leganes-bound jeepney (8PhP) going to  Tagbak Terminal. All Ceres buses will pass by Passi, Mambusao and Kalibo.


    1. Bus Schedule

for aircon buses first trip 3:30am| last trip  1:00pm
for non-aircon buses  first trip 4:00am| last trip 11:00am.

    1. Fare

350 PhP aircon
274 PhP non-aircon
NOTE: Schedule and fare can change anytime


Iloilo to Caticlan Travel Tip:  There are lots of curve roads going to Caticlan, if you are like me with less tolerance on long travels and you get dizzy easily, take anti dizzy meds and have a plastic bag ready in case you feel like vomiting.
Direct flight from Cebu/Manila to Kalibo (45 minutes for Cebu) then bus ride from Kalibo to Caticlan

Inside the airport, you can see booths offering bus tickets with boat fare (depending on the package). The ticket cost at around 200 to 300 PhP.


Bus and Jeepney Schedule Kalibo to Caticlan and Vice Versa
Shuttle Bus Day Departure
Air-con bus (airport)
7187 Tourist Bus
Kalibo-Caticlan Daily 30 minutes after plane arrival
Caticlan-Kalibo Daily 7:20 am
Daily 12:15 am
Daily 10:30 am
Southwest Tourist Bus
Caticlan-Kalibo Daily 12:15 am
Daily 10:30 am
Ordinary Bus (Bus Terminal)
SB Lines Daily Travel Time
1st Trip 5:30 am 2 hours
2nd Trip 7:00 am 2 hours
3rd trip 9:00 am 2 hours
RH Lines
1st Trip 5:30 am 2 hours
2nd Trip 7:00 am 2 hours
Jovial Lines 12:00 nn 2 hours
Gunding Lines
1st Trip 5:30 am 2 hours
2nd Trip 10:00 am 2 hours
3rd trip 2:00 am 2 hours
Jeepney Schedule
Kalibo-Caticlan Daily Travel Time
leaves every hour thereafter
1st Trip 6:00 am 2 hours
Last Trip 4:00 pm 2 hours
Kalibo-Iloilo City
1st Trip 2:30 am 4 hours
Last Trip 2:30 pm 4hours
Non-Stop Jeepneys
1st Trip 5:00 am 2-1/2 hours
Last Trip 1200 nn 2-1/2 hours

Also, from Kalibo airport, there are lots of vans  going to Caticlan (200 PhP)  and travel time is just 1.5 hours (approx).  You can also take a tricycle going  to Ceres bus station, and from there take a bus going to Caticlan. Aircon bus cost 107 PhP and ordinary bus cost 87 PhP.

Ceres Bus is the biggest company of buses all over Panay.There are regular trips from Kalibo to Caticlan at  30-45 minute intervals. Ceres schedule is from 6am to 8pm Philippine time.

Direct flight from Manila To Caticlan (50 minutes)

From the airport, take a tricycle to Caticlan Jetty Port (50 PhP). It just takes 10 minutes away, so, you can also walk! FYI – Caticlan airport does not allow landings and takeoff in the evening.

By Land and SEA

If you can spare a lot of hours and you want different road trips with sea adventure get the RORO Boracay route.

Route 1 : Bus  from Cubao to  Batangas | 3-4 hours
Route 2 : Sea travel from  Batangas to Calapan | 2-3 hours
Route 3 : Bus  from  Calapan to Roxas (Mindoro) | 2-3 hours
Route 4 : Sea travel from  Roxas  (Mindoro) to  Caticlan | 4-5 hours



Boracay Weather


Amihan  (Peak Season September/October to May/June)
Water in stations 1,2 and 3 are at its calmness

Summer   (Super Peak Season  April / May / June)

Habagat  (Off Peak  May/June to September/October)
Water in Bulabog Beach/ station 4 is at its calmness


Caticlan to Boracay

The ferry service in Caticlan  leaves early in the morning at 5:00am. The last trip from Caticlan to Boracay is around 10:00pm.  Same ferry schedule for  Boracay to Caticlan (they can change every now and then). One ticket “Environmental Fee” – 75  PhP, another ticket for the “Terminal Fee” – 100  PhP and Bangka trip – 30 PhP.


If you visit  the island during  Amihan (October to May),  ferries to Boracay can arrive at “Cagban Jetty Port”  from  “Caticlan Jetty Port.” Depending on the weather conditions between June and October or during Habagat season, ferries to Boracay can arrive at “Tambisaan Jetty Port” from “Tabon Port”. You will have to take a tricycle from the bus stop (which is Caticlan Jetty Port) to Tabon Port.


The Motortrikes are your way to the island, they use the Main Road with a path that leads down to White Beach. You will need to walk from the main road to the  White Beach  – don’t worry, it’s just a couple of steps away. Just inform Motortrike drivers where you are staying, they always know the place to drop you off.  Port to the White Beach is just ten minutes away and can cost you 100 – 125 PHP


Shopping and Money Matters In Boracay


Almost all the hotels in Boracay accept credit cards. Cash dispensers (ATMs) are both available at the passenger terminal in Caticlan and the main road as well as the beachfront of Boracay.




D’Mall is a one stop shopping place in Boracay. You can check out Budget mart (for your grocery needs) on the main road. All the way to white beach you will find pharmacies, designer clothes, souvenir shops, travel agency, optical and dental services, budget to high-end restaurants as well as some happy hour businesses.


On the other part of D’mall you will find Crafts supermarket heading towards white beach you will find wet market selling all kinds of fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood. You can also find cellphone repair vendors, an alcohol stores, Korean stores, souvenir shops, and some budget friendly restaurants and hotels.  I myself found a hotel inside this area – Hey Jude Hotel.





This so called “small market place” is everywhere. I was told by a local that there are actually a lot of mini D’talipapas in Boracay. With numerous alleys you can search around for souvenirs and they are cheaper in station 3 (base on my experience). You can also buy vegetables, meat and seafood and bring them over to different small restaurants in  station 3 and they will cook it for you. I myself found one – King Inasal.



Internet and Communication Service in Boracay


I was glad that I brought my smart pocket wifi on the island because the hotel’s wifi can only service the lower area of the hotel. I am on the top floor and I  got a decent connection coming from my pocket wifi. There are some areas that I was able to get  fast internet connection and there are also areas I don’t get any. However, cell phone signal are okay almost everywhere.



Things To Do In Boracay



Here Are My List Of Boracay Activities


On our first morning, we wanted to do all the activities we planned months ago in Davao, but these activities are just too time and energy consuming to do them all in one day. Galo, our tour guide (FYI he is authorize to transact business and guide tourist in Boracay) help us planned this! He was able to arrange our itinerary for a cheap price, here’s his number – 09082415185


Apart from enjoying the white sand beaches, there are various things to do in Boracay. If Boracay is calling you and you think it’s time to address the call, here are 17 things to do in Boracay:

Boracay Activities 1. PARASAILING

Boracay Activities 2. ZORB AND ZIPLINE

Boracay Activities 3. SEGWAY, ATV & BUGGY

Boracay Activities 4. HELMET DIVING

Boracay Activities 5. SUNSET WATCHING

Boracay Activities 6. FOOD TRIP

Boracay Activities 7. A WALK AT THE BEACH

Boracay Activities 8. MERMAID SWIMMING

Boracay Activities 9. SCUBA DIVING

Boracay Activities 10. PARAW SAILING

Boracay Activities 11. ISLAND HOPPING

Boracay Activities 12. MOUNT LUHO

Boracay Activities 13. STAND-UP PADDLING

Boracay Activities 14. FLY FISH & BANANA BOAT RIDE

Boracay Activities 15. CLIFF DIVING

Boracay Activities 16. G-MAX REVERSE BUNGY




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